Endowment Fund

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church has established an Endowment Fund initially through a generous and unrestricted contribution from the Estate of Charles and Elizabeth Chrones.

The principal of this fund is intended to remain intact, unless the Community, as described within the charter of the fund, wishes to change its goals and objectives.  The rules and regulations (charter) of the fund can be found in the News and Information section of this site.

All contributions to the Fund will held in investment accounts, the earnings from which will be spent in accordance with the distribution plan. Per current charter, the principal and related earnings of the Fund shall not be distributed or used for general operating purposes of the Church, except as otherwise noted in the charter.

Donations to the Endowment Fund are may be made to the Church directly, or you may alternately donate online (using your debit or credit card).

For assistance with credit card or debit card donations, please contact the Church secretary at 401.725.3127.