Stewardship is our primary means of support of our Church, it is the responsibility of each and every one of the stewards of our community. It is as important to you as is the rent or mortgage payment of your residence. We ask that all consider thinking of your Stewardship to your Church home as you would your other monthly commitment for your home. A small monthly amount is truly needed by all faithful to keep our wonderful community vibrant. Please understand that the total cost to operate our Church is approximately $237,000 (2016) and we have approximately 210 active stewards in support of our community.

You can make your Stewardship contributions via automatic monthly charge to your debit card (bank card) or credit card via industry leading PayPal.

Set up a MONTHLY Stewardship contribution!

This makes it easier to give, in small monthly contributions!

Don't see the amount you want, or need help setting yours up? Contact the Church at 401.725.3127!

Monthly Stewardship:

New to Stewardship?
We have lower monthly levels so that YOU TOO can participate!

Monthly Stewardship:

Additionaly, many stewards who use WEB BANKING simply send a RECURRING PAYMENT for stewardship to the Church. This is also a perfectly acceptable method. Know that in either event, you will receive a confirmation email from the Church office.

or, make a ONE TIME Stewardship contribution

Using your credit or debit card, or a Paypal account